Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Miracles do happen…

When hundreds & hundreds of people who you do not know, still say prayers every morning  & evening and keep having faith & hope when you might have lost it a little bit…

When hundreds & hundreds of people that we do not all, know sent cards, gifts & lovely surprises just to show their support and love…

When you are able to see your husband smiling at you each morning and say “Hello Honey”, and when family & friends come over often to just do, “fun things”… And look at our Alpaca's...

In the previous blog post I told you all about being admitted to the hospital and doing my “Poopie Dance”. And I have been dancing ever since, because I wake up in the morning! The doctors gave me about two weeks to two months to live…   Yes..      I know..

It is the eleventh of December now…!!!

For me that is one miracle every day. Not that it this is easy. Because you KNOW you could NOT wake up the next morning. But really that is not even the scariest part. Because I believe that (hopefully) somebody saved me a little spot up there in Heaven… so no reason to be scared about dying itself.

The more scary part is the how…

I am afraid that my family or Bastiaan will have bunches and bunches of trouble with me because I’m gonna go a little crazy on them, like talking like a crazy person, (Yeah I know, I already do that sometimes, haha) . But it worries me, to become somebody I do not know.

Or worse that they have to take care of me 24/7…

I am a very independent lady (yes, stubborn.. hehe), and I want to do things my way. It was sooooo hard to give up “control” of the farm because, for one I love it so much and for two, It was kinda my dream. Having had your dream and then having to give it up again is though… But I know it is in good hands with my family and Bastiaan.

And at least MY DREAM CAME TRUE…
How wonderful is that?!?

Last Year Emily Caldwell from Progressive Dairyman wrote a story about me and my Family. She did a wonderful job of writing it up and won an award! She also managed to get us to the number 1 spot on their most read articles!!! If you click on the link below you can find the updated article and the original article!

I don’t know how many more posts I can write. I would love too, but I just don’t know. My eyesight is not doing so well, and my “thinking cap” seems to be lost some days. But I will promise you, if something happens I will make sure you get an update. Please check Facebook, The Four Leaf Clover Dairy website and of course here at my blog.

Maybe the doctors are “wrong” again and I’m still typing away in a year from now! I love you all.

And miracles do happen, you know…


Cinderella11pm said...

Darling Leontien,
So very very very glad for your miracle. May it continue, and you definitely be here a year from now. Proving the doctors wrong DOES happen - and it is wonderful it is happening with you:)

Merry Christmas, and infinite blessings sent to you and all those you love.


Alica said...

Yes, Leontien...miracle do happen! You, my dear, and your positive attitude are indeed miracles...and tremendous encouragements to all of us, when we should be encouraging you! Praying for you to experience the peace...and love...of Jesus as we celebrate Christmas WITH you! :)

Tami AKA My Kid's Mom said...

So glad you are continuing to see miracles! I will continue to pray.

TexWisGirl said...

dear one, it is so good to see and hear from you. your spirit and love of life is all the miracle we need. :)

Amy said...

Thank you for sharing your miracles and letting us be part of them. Thankful for the miracle that is you.

Julia said...

Wow Leontien, I'm so glad to hear from you and that you have a good handle on your winning attitude. I too believe in miracle and I haven't given up on you. Just last night as I was on my knees asking God for healing for you and Donna and many more I was hoping to find out how you were. My prayer has been answered. I'm no longer on facebook as I've deactivated my account for a while now.

I understand your concern about the "how" but there is not much a person can do and all will come to pass.
Surrendering to the will of God and trusting in his loving care is all you can do now. He may want you to stay here or He may want to end your hard journey. There is more to life than what our senses tells us.

Courage and warm blessing my sweet friend.

Susan said...

Thanking Jesus for the miracle of you! None of us know how long we'll be here, and eventually we'll all be where you are now. Thank you for your courage, your joy, and just for being you. I think about you each day with happiness and gratitude.

Jeanie said...

The miracle of your spirit has been so inspiring to so many. The strength you have shown is no less than amazing. I hope and pray that you have many, many more mornings to wake up and share your spirit with the world.

Eugenie said...

Leontien, I am so relieved to read your post! I am happy about your miracle - may it continue! Praying for you to feel good - to become healthy! You are a miracle, and I need you to be!

Crystal (Red Hill) said...

So happy to see your post. Still praying for you and sending virtual hugs. You are amazing and I hope the doctors are wrong as well, they've been known to be wrong in the past.

nanthony said...

Leontien, you know I have tears in my eyes. Thank you for showing us your strength. I can only imagine how hard this is, for you and your family. I believe in miracles. I pray for your healing. So much love to you.

Ladytee said...

Leontien you are such an inspiration. I really don't know what to say because my heart is sadden about the doctors report. However, I do pray that you continue to enjoy the miracle of waking up each morning, to enjoy all that life has to offer. Dr.'s have been known for getting it wrong. Often times they are left baffled & confused because of God's miraculous healing. I believe in miracles, and you are one of them. I will continue to keep you in my prayers♥

Chatty Crone said...

Leontien - MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. And the doctors are not God. Only God knows when any of us will die. I do suggest if you haven't already to talk to a minister and get anything you need to settled. I hope you don't mind me saying that. I would want someone to tell me that as well. I feel you are a Christian and you are such a wonderful woman of courage. But it sure has to be hard. You are such an inspiration. I will certainly be praying for you and your family. I love you as a sister in Christ. And don't forget God is with you ALWAYS and he will show you the way.
Prayers and hugs, sandie

It's me said...

Lieverd....ik weet niet wat ik moet schrijven......je weet ik bid voor je denk aan je zoals zovelen ....maar lieverd...ik geloof in wonderen...laat jij alsjeblieft zien dat ze bestaan !!...ik zit hier gewoon om je te janken,..ben zo verdrietig voor je......dikke pakkerd liefs van mij...xxx...

Lieve Leontien ......laat jij mij wonder zijn !!...ik hou van je ...xxx...

Sarah said...

We continue to pray for just that- your miracle! Our son Cole just completed his chemotherapy. He battled leukemia for nearly 5 years; it was supposed to take his life... Miracles DO happen! Please know we are in awe of you; of your strength, grace, and passion for life. God bless you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks to God....you already are the miracle. Your faith and strength and shone through you, and it will continue. Our prayers are with you and your family now and always.

The Dairy Mom said...

You are an inspiration! Keep fighting and making each day count.

MadSnapper said...

your writing this post is just one a many miracles, you are in my prayers and my heart and we have never met. you are a beautiful, strong miracle yourself. I do pray you will be writing a year from now. God bless you and hugs.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Miracles do happen! I am so inspired by you and your will to live against all the adversity you've faced. Your photos are so beautiful! I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong!

Hugs from Missouri :)

Florida Farm Girl said...

Leontien, oh, Leontien. I am so glad to hear from you. Been wondering how you were. There'll definitely continue to be prayers going up for your strength and grace, and for the miracle that is you to continue with us. Hugs to you and to Bastiaan and the rest of your family. Hang in there, girl.

Inger said...

Dear, sweet Leontien, I pray that your miracle days will go on for a long time to come. Your faith and courage have seen you through for so long now. Bastiaan's love and that of your family and friends help you every day and will continue to do so. You never have to worry about that. Your husband is a very special man, that comes through so loud and clear. You have a special love that knows no bounds. I'm sending lots of love and many hugs to you, Inger.

Ellie said...

Oh Leontien it is so nice to read a post from you. Your personality and sense of humour shine through :))
Miracles do happen you know - so stay as strong as you can.
You are often in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you lots of love and hugs.

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

So thankfull to hear from you and waht a wonderful message you bring..

Miracles do happen...and I can not thank you enough for being open to what God has for you and for sharing. That takes great courage!
Many days that are tough for me, I spend time praying and you are always in my prayers.. but you have also changed my prayers. Your words and images flood my mind and remind me How great Our God is...

You lead by following your dream and finding it, and by fighting with such honor and loving your family, and loving your dream enough to entrust it to your family...

Thank you and we continue our prayers.

janzi said...

Dear little friend, I do hope that the big miracle happens and that you have a great christmas and New Year and that this time next year we shall still be seeing your blogs!! Keep up the positive style, although it must be hard at times, you really are inspirational to so many... All my thoughts are with you this december evening, already the 11th December is almost over.. God Bless you and your family and loving husband.... many many hugs from across the pond..xx Janzi

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I love how positive you are, and your beautiful light shines through your words. The prayers will keep coming!

chica said...

Eu daqui,de tão longe, no BRASIL, estou junto torcendo para que mais e mais milagres aconteçam e hão de acontecer!!!

Vamos rezar e ter fé sempre!!! beijos,chica

My two acres said...

You are so very beautiful both inside and out. And a miracle to all who know you, both personally and through your blog. Thank you for sharing your struggles, your honesty and your life with all of us. God bless you.

Nancy C said...

So happy to hear from you my strong friend. I know how difficult it must be for you right now and just one word would be enough -- but you manage to keep us informed, as you know how much we think of you.

I think about you most every day and this post was so appreciated. Love you and wishing for a miracle, for a cure, for many more days and happy posts in the future. xo

Unknown said...


You are truly an inspiration to all who are given the honor to read your posts! Keep shining that light, keep dreaming those dreams, keep being your stubborn miraculous self! We'll keep praying for grace, strength, and for the continuation of this miracle we know as you!

Thoughts, prayers and care bear stares to you and yours from SWKS!

Angela said...

I pray that you will be a walking, talking miracle from God! I pray that you will be a light and a voice that Jesus does heal us! I pray that you live a long, long, long happy life!

Miracles do still happen! My cousin's son was 17 with 3 brain tumors. He's cancer free now a year later! Praise the Lord! God has this!


Cindy Ellison said...

Hi there, Leontien! I can't tell you how happy I was to see you had a blog post on the reader. Yes, miracles do happen! Clint and I are thinking of you. You know, Leontien, you are in our prayers and thoughts. Thank you so much for this update.

Much love,


fromsophiesview said...

I may be just a Labradoodle...but I know how people feel and so I'm sending my nudging love and snuggles. If I can put a wee smile on your face then I know I have achieved my 'doodleness'....aaaah...success!

Sophie Doodle with the aid of Ron!

Jim said...

It is so good to hear from you again, Leontien! Yes, miracles do happen and you are living proof. Your husband and family are and will be there for you, as you know they are.

arieta van der linden said...

Lieve Leontien en Bastiaan,

Gelukkig zijn er wonderen en laat er ook een voor jullie zijn. Het kaarsje
blijft branden ook voor jullie.

Veel sterkte!!

Groeten Arieta van der Linden en fam.

The Cranky said...

You are the miracle and I thank you for sharing yourself with us.

Scriptor Senex said...

To have lived one's dream and had to give it up must be so hard as must living with the pain and incovenience and frustration.

But none of us ever knows the hour... You at least will know - whenever it happens (and may it be a long time off)- that you have been cared about and cared for, admired, respected, supported and most of all, loved.

Virtual hugs,

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

I love you Leontien. I love you believing and seeing miracles.
You are such an amazing woman, an example of courage and love. A dairy farmer to the core.

I love you.

Emily Z. said...

We are praying for you Leontien to St. Peregrine! Your spirit compares to no other.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I believe in miracles too, and I have been asking for a miracle for you.
It was so good to see your post- thank you for sharing with us,, and allowing us to walk beside you.
We love you
tweedles and moms

Rose H (UK) said...

Miracles can and do happen Leontein, I send continual good, positive thoughts your way. Your wonderful attitude is certainly another miracle. You are truly courageous, sending love and hugs across the pond.
Rose H

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh Leontien I believe in miracles and you my dear are a miracle. You have brought love from all over the world with your sweet sweet words and humour. You are an inspiration to all who is living her dream and yes that is very cool. You have a wonderful family and husband who never will give up on you or your dream. Oh yes not to forget everyone of us reading this today. You are loved and heaven is waiting for you for sure but not yet.
I DO believe in miracles my dear Leontien and you are truly one. You were put on this earth for a reason and I pretty sure we all know what that is.((LOVE))

Hugs and prayers. Love Buttons

Poppy (aka Val) said...

I believe in miracles too, and think of you and send good thoughts and angels hugs your way as often as I can. You are a truly remarkable lady, I am so pleased to have met you, keep on fighting, we are all on your side HUG xxxxx

Julia said...

Hi again Leontien, I just wanted to say Congratulations on being Dairy Producer of the year 2012. What a great accomplishment for all of you and your family.

Patrice said...

Dear sweet Leontien,
The doctor told me I would be blind in one eye forever. That was three years ago. Today I can see without glasses. God is bigger than those old doctors. SO GOOD TO SEE THIS POST!Stay strong and know that your friends are with you each day in thoughts and prayers. :)

akwamaryna said...

I am so glad to see your post.
I'm sending lots of love and many hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

hee leontien.

ik hoop echt voor je dat de dokters het fout hebben! ik zal aan je denken met kerst en heel veel groetjes uit nederland! xx lianne van hout

Kathy said...

You can't believe how much you have been in my thoughts recently.

I don't know how you do it.

Please know how many people you have impacted with your strength and grace.

And in return, we're all praying for a miracle for you.

Janice Grinyer said...

wishing you each one moment, each next breathe will be more wonderful then the last, friend!

Every time i hug my Black Morgan gelding I think always of you.

hugs to you too!

Arija said...

Dear Leontien, I fully understand the realisation of a farm dream. I carried it in my heart for a good 50 years and finally realised it and saw my grandchildren grow up on the farm and now take over. I have been knocking on heaven's door many, many times throughout my life and have been sent back every time.After my last heart operation, I had an out of body experience that showed quite clearly that none of us can turn off the eternal light and, even if we try ever so hard, we are sent back to finish the learning we elected when we came into this world. Don't worry about the when and how, that is not in your hands to control, just enjoy every moment you have. That very enjoyment and love of lifeis what makes this world a better place.

I too, pray for you on a daily basis.

Love, Light and Blessings . . . Arija

Unknown said...

See? God is still working through you! Look at all the joy your words bring to people you know and some you have never met. Each day is a miracle, and I pray that you have many more wonderful miracles with your family and us, your friends. Be happy and filled with love each and every day my dear friend.

Susan said...

The privilege of reading your updates and feeling the enormous love within you and the love you send out is so inspiring dear Leontien. My happiest thoughts are sent to you xx

Unknown said...

Lieve Leo,
Je positieve tijd is zo mooi, bijzonder en ook een miracle. Denk aan je en hoop dat het wonder dat jouw toebehoort en over je waakt enorm is en je nog lang lang bij ons allen bent.

Dikke knuffel Margriet vd Zee

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear this update. Still sending lots of loving thoughts to you!

Anonymous said...

We Love You Leontien & Bastiaan!!!

You Are A Miricle...Always in our Hearts & Prayers a Big Knuffel to you All

Michelle said...

Still sending love and prayers your way. I so appreciate this post!

Ms. A said...

Still sending thoughts, prayers and hope for a miracle. One miracle has already happened. You have brought so many people together, with healing thoughts and prayers for you, Leontien. Your attitude, courage, faith and hope, are a blessing to each of us. We love you very much!

Blessings and (((((BIG HUGS)))))

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Oh you sweet Dear... You are still among us because only God knows when it's time to go and be with him... That in itself is our miracle... God Bless You and keep you... You are an incredible young woman --and my love and prayers are with you and will be with you forever.. Keep on fighting hard!!!!

HUGS and Prayers and Much Love,

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Sending lots of prayers for your continued strength and for those miracles to keep happening in your life.

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Such a beautiful spirit you have....a true inspiration. Good thoughts and prayers to you.

LindaG said...

Merry Christmas, God bless and hold you in his hands, Leontien. ♥

Todd Janzen said...

You are an inspiration! Thank you for all that you give us and for the way you inspire us. Our prayers are with you.

nancygrayce said...

Miracles do happen! Daily!

Susan Shilo said...

Leonine...God works all kinds of miracles! Just remember to believe and trust in Him!

Susan said...

Dear sweet lady, you are a miracle. A real life miracle. God bless you, you are one amazing, wonderful woman!
Merry Christmas dear one.


Saimi said...

Oh my GOSH!! I've been thinking about you and wondering how you're doing. Thank you so much for your inspirational post!! I'm so relieved to hear your beating the odds!

Way to go girl!

The Boston Lady said...

Indeed they do. You keep fighting, girl! Ann

Cheryl @ TFD said...

It is so very good to see your post, Leontien! I believe in miracles and pray to God that He will give you many more miracles yet. You are an inspiration to all of us. God Bless you and your hubby as you fight this battle. Thank you so much for this post and for being the courageous, sweet, wonderful person that you are!!
Much love and many gentle hugs,

Dawson Cattle Company said...

what an inspirational post. you look and sound so at peace. you are truely beautiful inside and out. i hope so many can find inspiration through your journey. hugs and prayers to an amazing, courageous and amazing woman!

Anonymous said...

Ik denk aan je....


www.FarmLifeLessons.blogspot.com said...

I hear you. I hear everything you are saying. Your spirit touches all who hear you.


Clint said...

We love you, beautiful angel.

Catches the Eye said...

So very pleased to see a post from you , you are in my prayers you such a beautiful person.

Arkansas Patti said...

You have all ready proven them wrong with their 2 or 2 prediction. Keep rubbing their noses in it and lets shoot for 22 years plus 22 after that. Doctors do love it when proven wrong.
Loved seeing your post. You and your family stay in my prayers.

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Dear heart...you have been lifted up, your prayers, and those whom have joined in your hear felt wishes, dreams, are also lifting you up always. He answers in His own timing, he cares no matter the answers, and we must simply place our abiding faith in Him. Such a beautiful person you are. I remember reading about you a couple of months ago and sharing a photo and greeting your way. I must have missed an update until now. I pray His sweetest of blessings your way. I pray for Christmas blessings and miracles for you and your husby and family.
Loving you~

Sandy said...

You are so blessed to have realized your dream of having a farm. Know that many prayers are with you and your family. I hope you have a wonderful and special Christmas.

Marie said...

You are such a strong and beautiful woman. Miracles do happen everyday. Thank you for taking your time to think of all of us. :) You will continue to stay in my prayers, Leontien.
with love & blessings,

Charlotte Wilson said...

You are the miracle, thank you, God!
Prayers for you and your wonderful husband and family!



julia said...

|Blessings, prayers and hugs from a stranger in Oxfordshire

Anonymous said...

Dear leontien,
I have just found your blog and loved reading your posts. I feel compelled to ask you if you have ever heard of Dr Lodi in Arizona? He has a lot of success with cancer - please look him up on the internet or call (480-834-5414)to discuss your situation. My prayers are with you. Jackie.

SIG...nature Notes said...


Prayers to you, your husband and family. Love and god bless,

DeeDee Sigler, Frankton, IN

Dreaming said...

Your spirit lifts me up... it should be the other way around! God Bless You! Can't wait to read about another miracle! Much love to you and your family

don said...

I've been watching for you post every day. I read your account with heart felt sadness, but colored by your wonderful attitude and resolve. I pray that God will be with you and give you a peace no one can understand and that the estimate of the doctor's will prove be in error. God Bless You.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Good wishes to you and your family.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Dear Leontien.You are a miracle!Suffering is so hard and you have shown such courage.I pray for you and your family.The love others feel for you flows on the pages as you tell your story.The Good Lord is watching over you and has you in the palm of his hand,Love Cheri

Gail Dixon said...

Bless you, dear girl. You are so brave and strong. Think of you often and praying for a miracle. Hang in there!

Tanna said...

I am clinging to a miracle for you, dear Leontien... {{{hugs}}} and prayers and love ~ tanna

margareth said...

I am glad for you !

Nancy C said...

Leontien, does Bastiaan have a Facebook page? Does he need a shoulder? He must be hurting so much right now.

YONKS said...

You are the miracle, the strength comes from within you and your belief. Keep believing! You are amazing.

Deb Osza said...

I believe in miracles and I believe in you. Merry Christmas.
Deb Osza

Cindy said...

Leontien, I am so glad you were able to post this. I believe in miracles and I pray yours continues. You have been so strong. I continue praying every day and though I feel no words are adequate Enough to say what is in my heart I am blessed to know you from here, send love your way.

Anonymous said...

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SmithGang said...

Praying for you and your family. May the miracle of your life continue thru the miracle of Jesus birthday, and into a new year. May god give you new strength every day. Blessings.

Poppy (aka Val) said...

Thinking of you every day and sending prayers and hugs to you and your family. Hoping that you will be able to enjoy Christmas, you are lovely lady xxxxxx

Larkrise garden girl said...

Leontien, My Christmas wish is for you to Have a painfree Christmas Eve with your family!
You are such a wonderful person and write with such honesty and knowledge way beyond your years. Hugs Cheri

Chatty Crone said...

Dear Leontien,

I just want to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I can't believe you took the time to send me a card. Amazing.
You are amazing and such a woman of courage. I wish I could take all this away from you. I really do.

I just hope you and your wonderful husband have a fantastic Christmas.

And thank you. This teaches me a great gift,

Love, sandie

akwamaryna said...

Lots of good wishes for the Christmas and the New Year!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and big hugs xxoo Buttons

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and big hugs xxoo Buttons

Lisa said...

A very touching post. I am glad for your miracle. May you see many sunsets and sunrises. You are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Just checking in again with you, deareat Leontien.
Infinite love to you, for you, with you...


Black Jack's Carol said...

Hello, dear Leontien.. of course, you don't know me, but I am thinking of you on this New Year's Day and sending love to you and Bastiaan. Miracles take many forms and however this journey plays itself out, you have found and will continue to find them at every turn.

Janice Grinyer said...

Happy Merry seasons to you and Bastiaan, Leontien - wishing you many happy days ahead...one day at a time, sister, one day at a time ;)

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a beautiful new year full of miracles!

Inger said...

Dear Leontien and Bastiaan, you have touched the hearts of so many people and that's really something. Your card touched mine, thank you so much. I am sending love and many, many hugs to you both in this new year.

don said...

It was great to read your recent post. You are truly amazing! My thoughts and daily prayers are with you. Your spirit is such an inspiration and blessing! Keep on ...keeping on!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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