Monday, January 31, 2011

Let's start over with some Kale!

So I merged my old "A farmer's recipe" blog into my very own
Four Leaf Clover Tales blog... I was making things MUCH to
complicated by having 3 different blogs...

So from now on, we will have tales and tastes in one easy blog
and books in the Little Miss Bookwurm blog!!!

Here we go with ounces instead of grams...

Boerenkool met Nootjes en Brie / Kale Hash with Cashews
and Brie

This is a GREAT recipe for a Dutch Dish that has
been used by grandmothers, and grandmothers
grandmother before that! We still eat it since we moved
to The States and every time I'm in the store the clerk asks
me if i am going to decorate something. Nope! I'm boiling it
and eating it all! You should see the looks on their faces!

Now you can try for yourself...

For 4 people:
- 26.50 oz of kale (Walmart/ Kroger have great Kale)
- 2 pounds of potatoes (Idaho's will do great)
- 150 5.5 oz of Cashew nuts (unsalted)
- 200 7.25 oz of Brie (Walmart has great President Brie)
- Salt
- Milk
- Butter
- Olive oil

Peel the potatoes, give them a good wash and divide them
up in equal parts. Wash all the kale and take out the hard
nerves. Wash them again.

Put the potatoes in a big pan and fill it up with water so the
potatoes are covered. Put on top of the potatoes the kale.
Add a bit of olive oil and some salt.

Bring the potatoes and the kale to a boiling, turn the heat
down and let it slimmer for about 20 minutes until the
potatoes have gone soft. Make sure the lid is on the pot.

You can add some salt to your liking and a little bit of butter
so the water in the pan doesn't overflow. Yes, that really
works! Use some cooking spray or butter to grease
the oven dish so the hash won't stick to the bottom.

Cut the brie in little slices of half an inch. After +/- 20 minutes
pour off the water in the pan with potatoes and kale. Mix
with a mixer the potatoes and kale and add a little bit of milk
and butter to make it more "mushy".

Mix in the Cashew nuts with a spoon and put the hash in the
oven dish and spread the slices of Brie on top of it.

Now put the dish in the preheated oven (about 350 degrees)
for about 15 minutes until the brie has melted.

Serve the hash with some nice sausage or meatballs and gravy!

Yep, let's try again and enjoy your first Dutch Dinner...