About Me

- A 30+ year old (young at heart) girl.
- Married to the most wonderful boy (he's a year and a half
  younger then her) in the world.

- A determined business woman ( who is running a large dairy
  farm with her parents and little brother).
- Is even more determined to kick cancer in the butt by NOT
- Very much in love with her 27 year old stud (super gorgeous
  Morgan Stallion).

- Goes absolutely nuts in her BMW with the right music (Dutch
  Techno, Happy Hardcore, Matchbox Twenty, Brandi Carlile or
  30 seconds to Mars and everything in between).
- Is still getting adjusted to life in The States coming all the way
  from The Netherlands (don't think she ever will get adjusted to
  large ladies in pink strechpants though).
- Can talk for hours if you give her the chance.

- Wants to make the world a better place, but has a hard time
  doing that.
- Absolutely hates spiders and EVERYTHING that has 8 legs.
- Used to walk in her sleep after reading scary books (she has
   grown out of that after she met Bastiaan).
- If she hears a song she likes, she can play it over and over and
  over and over and over again. (And maybe some more later
  that same day).
- Misses her sister and friends from the Netherlands unbelievably
  (but she's also very stubborn so she won't go back to the old
  country.... not yet anyway).
- Has been in eleven Countries and flew (in a big/small/huge
  airplanes & helicopter) 97 times in a stunning 10 years.