Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice??? Just a little bit of ice...

So, we didn't go to the DFA meeting in Akron today, and
yes we went to the store to get milk, and Jam (Bas needs his
strawberries) and luckily this morning only one of the 6 guys
who were supposed to work didn't make it.... more worried
about tomorrow though...

And YES, we got some ICE although it doesn't look as pretty
as the next  pictures... my little sister shot these 2
years ago.

Right now it is just white, i can't see my mom and dad's house
and it's only half a mile away because of wind and sleet/snow
ice mix. Dad, my brother and Bas are still on the farm, making sure
everything keeps running...

So far the cows and people are all safe and that is the biggest

Everybody stay warm and stay safe! Hopefully my sister or
i can make some more beautiful pics at the end of this storm!

The side of the barn
were the cows are
safely inside


BigD said...

I hope you can keep the power going, so you can keep milking!
We have a fireplace, so we can stay warm.
I think the kids will go nuts if we lose power--they'll have to resort to reading or low-tech games!
Stay warm!

Ott, A. said...

It's a rain/snow/sleet mix here in central Indiana. I still have power but I have lots of batteries, water and blankets to get me through if it goes out.

Megan said...

My electricity has flickered a couple of times...but I'm hoping it was just for show. I have a gas fireplace but no idea how to use it. Stay warm and safe.