Friday, February 11, 2011

Memories of the old days

I love farming!

Love farming 2000 years ago
(at least all the info I have read about that time and farming)
Love farming 200 years ago
(my grandparents, grandparents did a wonderful job)
Love farming 20 years ago
(my dad was, and is, the best)
Did NOT love farming 2 years ago
(2009 was just a shitty year, for all farmers)

And yes, although farming under the circumstances there days
is though, I still love it.

Since I started with the whole blogging, facebook, website (and don't
forget Twitter) thing, I looked up all our old and new pictures to use for
future blogs/posts and I came across some, I think, beautiful pictures
from Bastiaan's family.  And it brings me back  to the time my grandpa
and grandma were still alive and I was very little and loved the way they
farmed. How they operated their machinery, used horses and were
all day every day. And everybody had 2 cows, 2 pigs, chickens and
a horse...

Don't get me wrong I don't want to go back to that time but it is
amazing to me how far we have come and makes me appreciate more
and more about what it takes from those 2% of farmers that is left in
America to feed the world.

And I love the fact that we have beautiful pictures to enjoy and
remember those good old days!

I hope you enjoy!


Liz @ Two Maids a Milking said...

very cool pictures! But I am also glad we have technology to make our tough jobs a little bit easier!! Those milk cans were heavy when they were full!!

BigD said...

Great photos!
I'm so glad you have those!
They look like something out of a history book. It's so unbelievable that it was just a couple generations ago.
Thanks for sharing.

ann said...

love the pictures I am with Liz those cans are heavy empty.

Jent said...

Those are really neat pictures - what a great thing to have - the pictures and the heritage!

Ginny said...

What wonderful photos!

Jamieoqjh said...

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