Thursday, February 3, 2011

Salmon with leeks for Liz

My dear friend Liz from Two Maids a Milking had to
go to Canada to attend a seafood summit but because
she got really sick (you should read her blog post
its really cute: Top 5 things I didn't do or see while in
Vancouver) I decide to post this one for her.
'Cause she missed out on her fish!

So Salmon with leeks and cheese here we go! And i
did it like you sometimes see in other blogs with lots of

So what are we using:
- leeks
- carrots
- green bell pepper
- pasta (whatever kind you want)
- Bertolli four cheese Rosa
- Salmon (i used the salmon from Walmart out of the freezer section)
- McCormick Grill Mates Salmon seasoning
- some sea salt if desired, for the pasta

 How we make/bake/ get it to taste good...

Cut your carrots, leeks and bell pepper into parts, you can take
the outside leaves from the leeks and throw them away and don't
cut all the way up, start at the white part and go until the dark green.

  Season your salmon thoroughly with the McCormick Seasoning
and put them in the pan with some olive oil.

Boil some water and put the pasta in and cook like described on
the label, and add some salt if desired. While the pasta is cooking
and the fish is on the fire, you might want to cook your vegetables
in a wok. Make sure you don't over cook them and you might add
some salt to taste.

When the vegetables are cooked to your liking, add the Bertolli
sauce and warm it up with the carrots, leeks and peppers.

Put the pasta on a dish, put the salmon on top of the pasta and dress
the sauce on top of the fish and pasta.

Hope you enjoy!!!
Next time we will do a traditional Dutch dish again


Cris said...

Looks yummy! I heart leeks!

Katie said...

This looks so yummy! I will definitely whip this up and I also love leeks. Link up on Monday for Hunk of Meat Monday. Do you have a traditional Dutch dish for that? I love learning about heritage foods people prepare for their families!

BigD said...

This looks really good.
I make fish at home only when The Husband is out of town--he's allergic. Like barfing within a half-hour allergic.
So, I get my fish when I order out.

Ginny said...

Yum!!! I think adding leeks makes food sound fancy...haha! Can't wait to try this

Flowerpot said...

That looks really lovely - definitely on my list!

Nicole Charleston said...

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